Dynamic Dollar (DYD)

Dynamic Dollar (DYD) Token: All You Need To Know 


DYNAMIC TONE has launched its own token called the DYNAMIC DOLLAR. This token will be used for transactions in the fitness industry. The fitness industry is going to get revolutionized by the launch of this token. It will allow users to earn tokens while staying fit by purchasing products for their fitness. It will work like other tokens based on blockchains, but it will be explicitly used in the fitness industry. It is based on a renowned blockchain Ethereum. 


How will DYD work? 

In the beginning, when the buyer buys a product, he will get 1 DYD for every 2 USD spent. Buyers can use these tokens for both in-store and online purchases from Dynamic Tone and all the other affiliates. Users can also hold it in their wallets for different kinds of incentives.


Will you be able to stake DYD? 

Some of you must be thinking will you be able to stake it? Yes, DYD’s model will pay a reward to the holders. Users will be able to stake their tokens by agreeing not to trade or sell their tokens for a preset length of time. When the preset time is over DYD holder will then receive the staked funds along with the reward. The amount of reward will depend on the factors like the length of time for which you are going to hold the token. 

It will be a kind of proof of wait mechanism. So, the holder will be rewarded if he is able to show that proof of wait. 


How can you buy DYD? 

In the initial stages, you will get these tokens as a reward when you buy some products from Dynamic tone stores. A customer who spends 2 dollars will get one DYD token as a reward, and then he can use this token to buy a product from the store, stake it or do whatever he wants to do with it.


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTS) 

In the later stages, we also have plans to launch non-fungible tokens (NFTS). You will be able to use these tokens to represent the ownership of unique assets. They will let you tokenize many things like art. Ownership of the asset will be secured by Ethereum Blockchain-no one will be able to modify the record of possession or ownership. 

For more info, visit our DYD official website here: DynamicDollar.crypto