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The sum is not always equal to its parts. Unlike many collagen “supplements” out there, we at Universal don’t add individual amino acids found naturally in collagen and call it “collagen” (glycine, proline and hydroxyproline are naturally found in collagen.) While collagen is abundant in our bodies, it’s unique. You can’t just reproduce it and its benefits by combining different amino acids and calling it a day. That’s why we put the real thing in each and every bottle. We start with the cleanest bovine collagen that’s 99% pure. We then add an extra time-consuming step and hydrolyze the collagen for superior bioavailability. Hydrolysis is a special process whereby the molecular bonds between the longer collagen strands and peptides are broken down. Studies show that the human body can more easily assimilate the shorter collage peptides – and better absorption leads to superior results.


• Bone & Joint Health
• Rich In Collagen Peptides
• 5,000mg Per Teaspoon
• 99% Pure & BSE-Free
• Odorless, Dissolves Instantly
• Supports Healthy Connective Tissue
• Supports Skin, Hair & Nails
• Aids In Digestion And Muscle Repair