Sports Nutrition, A Real Demand!

Sports Nutrition, A Real Demand!

The unconscious adopted "modern lifestyle", sitting down office and spending hours over the desk and computers, or our handphones, getting less involved in manual jobs and more into new job scopes with less involvement of physical activities, together with lack of rich nutrition from the daily foods, due to their full GMO. Genetically Modified Organisms, processing, in order to fulfill the demand of the market, and specifically with the tend to take junk foods during the rush hours of the days, our risk to any of the chronic disease is much more than ever!  

Chronic disease is a long lasting condition that can be controlled but not cured!

Common example of these diseases are, diabetes, myocardial infraction or other heart disease, asthma, epilepsy and even cancer. Chronic disease can be prevented if a proper exercise and nutrition is being followed everyday.

According to the latest reports in United States, about $1.7 trillion annually goes to treating chronic illness! 80% of the death causing by these diseases could have been prevented if a healthy lifestyle was followed.

Food supplements are the reinforcements of our daily nutrition demand which we don’t get them from our food intakes anymore.Moreover, they are far cheaper than whole food concentrate. 

Food supplements can be categorized into two main categories, health supplements, to improve wellness, and sport supplements to enhance performance. Health supplements, such as vitamins, minerals, herbs or other plants and amino acids, which are laboratory-made to help you with your healthier body. Sport supplements are products made of ingredients suitable for “active people”, such as athletes, to help them to reach to their fitness goals. 

There are common categories in sport supplements such as, pre-workout and nitric oxides, post-workout and anti-catabolic, intra-workout, protein powders and weight gainers, amino acids, creatine, fat burners, testosterone boosters and pro-hormones, sleeping aids, EFAs, liver care, multivitamins and joint protectors, which I will explain each of them in future articles.